How many simultaneous frequencies can the human ear hear?

       I don't fucking know, but if I had to think about it... It depends on how you space them out on the membrane that is producing them. Like each frequency is taking up a certain amount of space, and as it vibrates it will eventually collide and combine with the closest frequency which will morph into a middle value between those two frequencies. The more frequencies you leave out to begin with, the more space each frequency will have and the longer they will last. So you basically have a spectrum between hearing mud or hearing tiny fractal crystals shattering into sand. You'll have to turn knobs to choose between having more or less frequencies, and which frequencies to keep, to figure out how many you can hear simultaneously, there will eventually be a range where you're not sure if there's a difference like when you take an eye test. I once had a bad mushroom trip where I could hear every Mariah Carey song in my head all at the same time, it felt like she was p

Are VPN's a lie?

       All internet infrastructure is built by governments, whatever cables or fiber optic connecting between ISP's, satellites, etc, the governments own it all, nothing runs through them anonymously, they can trace any communication from any point on earth to any other point. They wouldn't let these relay machines communicate with their infrastructure if they didn't want them to. I think the government allows the dark web to exist for the same reasons they created and distributed crack in the 80's, so they can make keep track of who's distributing so they can later bust the big dealers, but finding other ways of busting them so they don't blow the legitimacy of the dark web. Try to threaten a billionaire through a VPN and watch how fast they show up at your door. VPN's are just the current gimmick, remember when they tried selling identity insurance? That's basically all it is. I don't know any of this for a fact, it's just my logical interpreta

One huge commonality Hitler and Jesus share

  Hitler and Jesus have one huge thing in common that I have never read or heard anyone ever talk about. They both came at the advent of mass communication breakthroughs. Jesus was created at the very same time that paper was created, and Hitler was created at the very same time that video recording was created. Is this coincidence or deliberate? I'm not a history expert, but from what I understand, humans were writing for at least several hundred years on various prototypes before tree paper, first they wrote on animal skins, then rice and plant based paper, but it wasn't until about 100AD that humans created tree paper, coincidentally the bible wasn't actually written until about a hundred years after Jesus supposedly happened. Historians could never actually pin point the exact year Jesus was born was supposedly born, it's roughly estimated and said they are only as close to about 3 or 4 years to being exact. Also fun fact, there was no year zero, Roman numerals di

Itchy 8 ball

       I think billiards tables will hit 2 dollars within our life time. Soon they will all be equipped with credit card readers. Next thing you know you're trying to get bank loan on a house "sorry but you're what we in the industry call a 'high risk', you seem to scratch on the 8 ball quite often, i don't think we can help you."

Elon Musk is a fabricated character

       Firstly, Elon Musk isn't a real engineer, he's just a trust fund rich kid who made lucky investments on other people's inventions. He's basically just the Steve Jobs of science. He's not so much of a human being as he is just a brand name. They want to attach this name to all these things so people will buy into it. It's literally not possible to do all the things that he pretends to do, he's not head engineer on space rockets, smart cars, neural technology, and whatever the fuck else he supposedly does, it's all horse shit. His main job is basically to read scripts and stay informed on what his companies are doing so he can sound like he knows what he's talking about for interviews. I was always skeptical that he was just a fabricated character, but when he announced he was taking over twitter, that solidified my hypothesis. I think there's either one of two things going on here. First theory: He was hired by the government to play this

Eminem's daughter is a Juggalo

       Everyone and their mom already knows Eminem and ICP had beef back in the day, and then it kinda just faded away. Although there wasn't really a decided winner, I think ICP easily won when they slapped Eminem with "Let me take off this white shirt so you can see my bird chest".      This needs to be said, ICP is 100 times better than Eminem. Seriously ICP is far better than what people give them credit for. More specifically I mean Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope is a very legit rapper, but Violent J seems to be the mastermind to it all, and typically on ICP records Violent J does 80% of the rapping. I loved the Slim Shady LP, and the Marshall Mathers LP was alright, but everything after that has been mostly boring trash with maybe one or two decent songs here and their. ICP has been nonstop amazing and haven't gone a single year without putting out a disc literally since they started. These days they're putting out three albums a year or more, it's literally

The Darker Ages

       I think once the sun burns out it will still be hot for a long ass time after, so it will be constantly dark outside but we'll be good for a while on that radiation heat, although we'll probably start getting all warped and lose shape consistency in our faces.